Friday, May 7, 2010

The final Day


Well the Bouncing Bunnies Easter Challenge is now over.  Final weigh-in at 60.1kg but I will live.. lol.  I know that I did get under the 60kg in the last week, twice even, so I know that I am getting there.


I am now listening to the Gabriel Method on audio CD and finding it enlightening!  Audio-books rock!


I am thinking of moving on to a 12 week challenge now and setting myself up with realistic goals for slowly losing this weight without it over taking my entire life!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

C25K Graduate – confidence rocks!

That is right.. I have completed the Couch 2 5K program! 

It feels awesome by the way!  Although I don’t quite run 5k in the 30mins, I am getting closer to it! 

My 5k race is on next weekend (not this one, the one after) which is also the weekend of my paper critique.  I am feeling amazingly confident that I can get in and do both quite successfully.

Yes, my confidence is doing quite well, though socially I am still feeling behind the eight ball.  I know that I am quite capable, intelligent, and am full of determination and spirit, but part of me is still afraid of how others perceive me – so much so that I think I come across as big noting myself.  I guess that can be my next challenge – to stop boasting or even hinting and looking for compliments!  It is a fine line though.. between having confidence and being an arrogant jerk!   Fingers crossed I find that balance!



Monday, May 3, 2010

Keeping my eye on the prize.


I am getting frustrated.  I am not losing weight.  I know it is my own fault for indulging in chocolate and being otherwise frivolous with my calorie intake!

Time to get the food right and stop being lazy!


I also need to start up my 10mins of exercise each morning as well!