Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Habit Number One - water water everywhere!

I am 'FLYing' again, courtesy of the flylady, and doing well!  For those who don't know about flylady, she runs a wonderful website (free) which teaches people how to keep a house clean - well, not even that, more how to be a clean and tidy person.  It starts with a single habit, keeping your sink clean and shiny.  From that one habit, you get success which enable you to build up on that habit and create more.  You feel great about yourself, let go of perfectionism and learn that doing what you can is enough.

It works so well for getting the housework under control I figure it should work for keep my body clean and healthy too.  But what to use as my shiney sink????  Water of course!  It is the one thing most of us don't get enough of, is not expensive or hard to acheive, and by filling my body with water, I will be less likely to drink softdrink, or eat out of boredom.  Sounds like a perfectly good idea to me!

So what equipment do I need?  A good water bottle (because we don't want to litter the environment with plastic bottles and who wants to pay for water!) and some hair bands!  Hairbands?  you ask!  Yes, hairbands are flylady's idea which I am adapting.  I have a 500mL bottle and want to drink 2L so four hairbands at the bottom, I move one to the top of the bottle when I refill, and I know how much I am drinking!  My aim is to get that forth hairband up the top.  Of course I am no perfectionist so I will settle for just getting my water bottle full and drinking from it.  To reward myself, I will get a star on my calander!  (Because we all know that keeping the inner child happy works!)

Now to further kick off my healthy me for 2011 I am also going to the dentist for a clean today!  I have horrid teeth with a few missing (back ones thankfully) that are visable when I smile.  So today is a clean and check up and hopefully I will come away with a not too expensive quote for some dental work!  Scary, mostly because the three children are coming along as well! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

15th Jan Saturday

60.4kg  ARgh.. I know why the scales are not moving!  I am eating crap!

7am wake up time which is great
had a cuppa tea

8am Swimming
650m - I was pretty happy with that given I spent time helping with the kids as well.  My aim is now 1000m in the hour I am there.

9.30am Oat Flakes Cereal w/milk for breakfast and a cuppa tea
Taking some time to blog and do the list for the Challenge on EB.

11.30am  Magnum icecream - evil stuff
Still sitting around on the computer.. I should do something!

1.30pm  Went shopping for a Mills and Boon and grabbed six chicken nuggets from Maccas

5.30pm Went for a run.. 5.6km, not including the cool-down walk home.

6.30pm Sausage in a piece of bread, grabbed a little bit of cake (only a bite though)

7.30pm Magnum icecream (again!) and coke zero

Friday, January 14, 2011

Planning my Exercise


Yes, I am creeping up again and mostly due to food - yesterday involved cookie and cake making in which I consumed far more then was required for taste testing!  Far far far more!

I need to set out my exercise schedule as a do or die activity list so here goes:

AM: Day 1 Bootcamp
PM: Running

AM: Day 2 Bootcamp
PM: Walking

AM : Day 3 Bootcamp
PM: Running

AM: Day 4 Bootcamp
PM: Walking

AM: Day 5 Bootcamp
PM: Yoga and Running

AM: Day 6 Bootcamp and Swimming
PM: Long Run

AM: Day 7 Bootcamp

That looks like a pretty good weekly schedule for losing weight.  I'm not sure how the morning bootcamps will go but hey, it's worth a try!

Tonight I will do my run followed by a Yoga session and then tomorrow morning I have my swim lesson first thing and I will do my run in the afternoon - I will do the week 6 run for the first time... once I finish the ease into 10k program I will re-do my running schedule to a training one (depending on the 12wbt).

So far today..

One peice of wholemeal toast with butter
2x cuppa tea
one small peice of chocolate cake

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4th January


Skipped breakfast
3x cuppa tea
1 x hot chocolate
3/4 of a pasta meal (mushroom/beef rice thing) for lunch

I need water now...

I had a honey sandwich before heading out for my run (300cal)  and then a burger afterward.

Unfortunatly I hoed down some mini cheezels.. I shouldn't have bought them!

But I did run!

Monday, January 3, 2011

3rd January 2011

60.1kg  (ouch, creeping up!)
Bedtime.. 1.30am
Wake up 7.30am

I had such a shit day with food yesterday, of course I should have put on a bit this morning!  I also have to remember that everyday weighing will have its ups and downs (pardon the pun! lol)

2x cuppa tea (need to wake up! lol)

2x spagetti toasted sandwiches
Pile of KFC
handfuls of choc chips and lots of other bad crap,

Not happy Jan!

Exercise.. NONE!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2nd January 2011

59.5kg (going down!)
Bedtime last night: after midnight sometime
Wake up: 8am

2x cuppa tea
egg on toast

wizz lolly
cuppa tea
hot dog with white bread instead of roll

hot chocolate x 2
lamb and cheese rissoles (GRG) with two slices of 9 grain bread
handful of choc melts and coke zero

Ewww.. bad day food wise today!

Today is rest day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!


Bedtime Last Night:  12.30am
Wake Up Time: 8.30am

egg on toast
2x cuppa tea

Morning Tea:

2x icecreams - the chocolate coated kind! 
sausage in bread with tomato sauce
cuppa tea

Spag Bog with pasta
small slice of chocolate mud cake (make that a HUGE slice!)
glass of orange juice

Going to the beach - walked 1km up the hill to the lookout and then down to the beach for a swim!  So deliciously lovely to swim in the ocean when the water is just so perfect!
5km run/walk (~300cals in 48mins)