Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 10 Tuesday

Yesterday I took a photo of my breakfast....

40g of Select Classic Muesli

175g of Forme French Vanilla Yogurt

35g or 1 large Strawberry

50g or 1/2 a banana

25g or 10 blueberries

Of course, most mornings I forego the banana and have only half the yogurt, and then include a cuppa tea!  Eating to my own bodies needs is what is important and eating that full plate is actually quite difficult!


Of course I haven't been eating my breakfast the last few weeks and instead have been grabbing McDonalds (Bacan and Egg McMuffin in a small meal deal with coke zero thanks) on the way back from dropping the kids at school.  I really hate doing this - firstly it is expensive and secondly, I hate hash browns but always end up eating it!  Coke zero is a terrible way to start a day, as is all that greasy stuff on the muffin (which, I might add, was all hard and stale the last time I got one!).

Now I have to clarify - I am not BAD for choosing this, and the food isn't BAD or even NAUGHTY.  It's not what I want though.  I mean, who wants to give themselves a second rate breakfast.  I am a bit disappointed in myself that I would not care enough about ME to make time for a great breakfast.  Seriously, who would not want to eat that delicious looking plate full of food in the comfort of thier own home?  Who would rather grab a greasy bacon and egg McMuffin that you scoff down one-handed while driving home and wash it down with watered down coke zero that half the time still tastes like the cleaning chemicals they use to wash the machine (at least they wash the machine!).

Today's List..

My neice and her husband (and 2yo girl) is coming to stay for a while this afternoon so I have to run and do some general cleaning and fix up the room for them! 

Clean the lounge and hall and vacuum
Clean up the toys in the spare room
Clean Dyllan's room and move toys into there
Fold clothes and put away
Move clothes into Dyllan's room
wash the sheets and pillows from spare room (dryer to dry)
Vacuum and carpet clean
Blow up spare mattress and make up as a double bed.


I have decided to start a new challenge... 100k in 30days...  3km walking today!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 9: Tuesday

How to change a life.

I just don't know.  I can see what I want, and where I need to go but I just can't seem to take those steps toward it.  Argh.. I need to stop trying and just live the life I want!  Who cares if I am a bit podgy - if I live the way I want then it doesn't matter!  I am going to stop focusing on the goal of losing weight.  I don't want to have to think and plan my whole life around food - I want to just live a natural fulfilling life.  I want to change my habits, but I don't have to do it all at once!

1.  I will eat great food!  And I will savour every mouthful.  If I am not enjoying it then I will stop!  It is not nice to overfill myself, to eat sweets until I feel sick.  I deserve the time it takes to plan and cook a good meal.

I need to find recipes and lots of them!  Nice food that I enjoy eating - the food on the 12wbt challenge is great, I have found lots of new recipes but some of them are so far out of my comfort zone!  I want meals that are protein and veg/salad.  The soups are great too though.. I am making the Thai pumpkin soup tonight!

And water - I need to keep my insides clean and healthy.  I really think that my attitude towards water is what I need to adjust - instead of associating water with feeling sluggish, I need think 'clean'.

Anyways, I need to find something yummy that I can enjoy right now - before I go pick up the kids! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 8 (Sunday) And again!

Just keep swimming baby!

Today was mediocre..

I have a throat infection so not a great start, and I had a late night/ sleep in.

Breakfast was egg on toast, for lunch I had a vego soup from the freezer.  Then I did the baking for the week - fruit muffins and gingerbread cookies!  I had some major nibblies though - that dough was soo yummy!  lol I didn't do too badly though and only had a little bit!  I did have a fruit muffin when they were cooked as well!
I've had a couple of cuppa teas, and a hot chocolate.  And now will be doing a beef stir-fry for dinner!

And I will go to bed a bit earlier tonight!

Beef stirfry = yummy
Glass of muscato rosa.. yummmy!  But probably not the best choice! lol

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 7 (Sunday) Let's Try That Again....

Okay, no excuses or reasons.  I just didn't do it. 

Today is a new day so here goes:


2 x cuppa tea
1 egg on toast (no butter)

Morning Tea..

Mango (soo yummy)
Water (in my lovely water bottle from Cheeki)


Afternoon Tea..




Rest day today - preparing for my speech tomorrow so I might go for a run later!

I've essentially got 4wks left until the final weigh-in and picture.  I'm essentially right back where I started.  My goal is to stick to plan for the next 4 weeks.

I will:
- stick to 1200 calories per day and have a decent go at meal planning!
- stick to the exercise plan for weeks one to four
- plan a head for bad days.

1st red flag day being Monday night when I intend to consume alcohol - not a huge drinker so it wont be too bad but I will have to make up for it with exercise!  After that... I have no intention of leaving the plan until my birthday on the final day!

I will come back to my blog as well!