Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back Back Back

Upper body workout at gym (missed the cardio warm up)
Had 2 serves of chocolate and a handful of tomato chips at 3pm - I had skipped lunch.
Eating was otherwise 'okay'.

I put in an application for Lawrence street.  Very exciting!  The house itself wasn't flash but the gardens were wicked!  Lots of landscaping and paving and even a little Bali hut!  Will be great for entertaining!  It is high set too with a rumpus, laundry, sewing room, storage shed, and carport under!  It has the required dishwasher and air-con, 3 bedrooms, fully fenced, etc and it is a hilly area so lots of challenging runs!
I've got two more houses to look at this week.. tomorrows one is too expensive.. has a pool though so I would love it (it also has a wood heater for winter!), and the other is two storey, just around the corner, big yard, plenty of room for both our cars (Lawrence st has one driveway for two cars!), it has a dishwasher and aircons too.. will have to wait adn see the rest though!

And big news, job interview tomorrow!  Fingers crossed I sleep like a baby but hey.. I will be fine.  If I don't get the job it is okay.. I need to make sure it is right for me anyway!  I'm interviewing them, not the other way around!  yey.. go me!

Fingers crossed!