Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday the 29th of June

ARgh, after a great day yesterday todays calories went over a bit.  I had two mini double choc muffins which even tasted dry and yucky which were like 100cals each even though they were tiny as, and I had a piece of cake with caramel slice for icing! Still, I should be under 1500 cals which is still good.  My protein and fibre is still low even though I am getting the fat way over!

I had plenty of water and went for a 40min slow walk with Jayden this afternoon.

No cheating tomorrow! lol

Sunday, June 27, 2010

5 Weeks to go!

So the next race is in 5 weeks from today... so 1st of August.  Time to plan!

The goal is to get under the 5k in under 30mins but I don't know what the track is going to be like!  Hopefully no hills - unlike last time!  31:51 is my time to beat!

So the goal is: get 5kg lighter, and a bit faster!

I went for a walk around my 5k tonight and will have to do a build up week this week to get back into it without hurting myself!  So I think tomorrow night I will do two ten minute runs with a 5min walk in between and then do the thirty minutes on Wednesday and again on Friday.  Next week I will start my training properly.  I will have to do some strength training and stretching as well, and my meditation at night.  I'm keeping my cals under 2000 with 1200 net being the goal.

Let's hope I can keep it up!