Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anything is possible!

Right now, I am standing on the precipice of my new life. 

A life without 12wbt.  A life where I am in control of my destiny. 

A life where failure is great and success is just a stepping stone.

Aside from all the emotional sentiments above, I am finding myself at the verge of a mental breakthrough – not a breakdown (I’ve been doing that for 15yrs now!), but a break through!  I’ve over-committed and I love it.

I’ve signed up to do a Cert 3/4 in fitness.  Not to get ahead in my career, in fact, I have no career goals at all really when it comes to fitness.  I just want to do it.

I want to see a change in the fitness industry – away from the quick fix mentality.  I want to start with myself.  I want to change my life through fitness and health and becoming my own Personal Trainer sounds like an awesome way to do that!

I am thinking that it will also make me a better personal trainer and I may just be able to fit some personal training for a few clients into my schedule once I am done.

So weekend warrior fitness trainer here I come!

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