Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awesome August Challenge

With four weeks to go it is time to up the ante!

I’ve not been achieving my goals this round and have been very up and down.  So my new goal is “CONSISTENCY”.

Here is what I am going to do this month:

  1. Wake up at 6:30am (bedtime by 10pm)
  2. Pack my Lunch each weekday and go to University
  3. Do my scheduled gym work even if I don’t feel like it (I’ve changed to the prep to 10km program in the lead up to my next race).
  4. Take photos of what I eat and count calories
  5. Suck it up and use a water bottle every day
  6. Do my meal planning and shopping on Saturday
  7. Stick to my budget!
  8. Make sure all three kids to homework each day (and Viola for JD)
  9. At least one chore per day for pocket money for kids!
  10. Do AMRAP hand stands and pull-ups each night.

Now before I do that, I need to work out what to pack for lunches for work and for dinner for the rest of the week, and snacks, all based on what I have in the house. I think this is where I have fallen short:  packing lunches is not my forte! lol

First things first though.. I am putting on my yogurt maker so I at least have fresh yogurt!  I’ll go through the list and get myself ready for the rest of the week now.  I feel so much better with a plan!

Awesome August

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