Sunday, March 19, 2017

On the Eve of March 2017 12wbt Round...

I don't feel excited, I don't feel motivated.

I feel flat, anxious, and a bit over it.

It's rainy weather, but still muggy and hot.

And I didn't do my fitness test. 

But.. I did make muffins.  Grudgingly.  At the last minute.

And I'm generally awesome because I already  have a stocked freezer, so a cook up is not required. 

Thankfully because I didn't have the money to do a proper shop today - I could only afford one meal and the honey soy chicken on Tuesday night was the one that cost the least!  So re-heated chilli beef it is on Monday night!

So in spite of today and all the 'eat all the junk food in the house' that went on, I should be okay for tomorrow. 

But let's wait and see how I react to a 5:30am alarm!

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