Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday 5th July 2010

So I didn't keep my food diary going over the weekend, however I have scored a loss of 600g - I am now 59.4kg!  So happy the scale went down! lol

This weeks goal:

Get into the 58kg range with a 500g + loss

This weeks running program:
Monday.. 25min run
Wednesday... interval training
Friday... 35min run

Walk on the other days, and I will do some crunches and squats on those three mornings as well!

Food wise I am doing okay just in not indulging in a full block of chocolate every night! lol But I would like to get more vegies and salad, and keep my protein lean.  I need to get my fibre up as well - I like the benefibre stuff, and I really like the yakults.  oh, and I need to up the water of course, but it is winter!

Quite happy with the progress so far!

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