Monday, December 5, 2011

Kitchen Makeover: Stage One

Let’s start with the kitchen sink…
So what does the kitchen sink have to do with losing weight?
There is a certain group of people, myself included, who have never quite grasped the concept the housework.  In this day and age, it is often a life skill that is looked down upon and many even brag about their ineptitude at basic cleaning.  And the issue for many a person (especially one who cares for a number of people) is washing up. This is how it goes.
  • Busy day at work
  • Cook Dinner
  • Too tired to clean up so leave till the morning
  • Rushing to get to work.. leave cleaning till the afternoon
  • Get home from work
  • See the pile of dishes
  • Clean up
  • Too tired to cook dinner so call take out or cook something ‘easy’
  • Way too tired to clean up
  • Begin cycle again.
Sometimes we love to cook, have the ingredients we need, have a great meal plan, but if our kitchen is not clean – if we have do that work before we even begin to cook – we are setting ourselves up to fail.  Now this concept is not unique.. many years ago I joined a website:  It is a fantastic resource for anyone who has housework issues and the first thing they suggest is to ‘shine your sink’.  I recommend you head over there for more detail but I will repeat the basic concepts here.
If our sink is clean, we can wash up.  If the dishes are washed, the benches are most likely wiped down – the kitchen is ready for you to prepare your healthy meals.  So the first step we have to take to a healthy lifestyle is getting that kitchen sink under control by creating good habits.
My challenge is to create a habit – thirty days is all it takes to cement a change.

Habit:  Shine my sink

– each night before bed, no matter what.  It should only take 5mins, and it doesn’t even matter if I don’t wash up!  Just get my sink shining and keep it that way.
Note: to ‘shine’ your sink, give it a good scrub, making sure you clean the icky bits around the edges of the drain, the faucet, and the sink itself.  Rinse it of thoroughly, dry it off and then spray on some window cleaner to polish it up!
So here we go… the first steps to changing my life.

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  1. Hi Jen. Came across your blog via 12WBT minimini comp! I love this idea and am working on the shiny sink. Did the initial shine last weekend. Now just need to implement a few things to get the daily habit happening. Such an important thing for us working mummas, having some good systems in the house! Consistency is the key, in all areas! Thanks for the inspiration! And for the minimini comp-good to keep accountable!