Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Week that Was.. Christmas is just one day!

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Christmas Day!  It is just one day but it seems like it provides an excuse to indulge for weeks before.  And then afterward we have to find a way to ‘stop’ which isn’t always easy.  We get into bad habits, lose our good habits and momentum.  We get used to making excuses again and our willpower muscle loses form.  But it is now over.  I will not dwell on the mistakes of the past, except to say that I will looking at some better strategies to handle Christmas next year!  First one being to arrange appropriate childcare for the monsters!

I will keep this post short.  It is mostly to say that I forgive myself for the weeks leading up to Christmas and the few days afterward.  I am not perfect and I acknowledge that I did things incorrectly – but it is okay.  I am not a bad person, I do not need punishing.  It just is what it is.  I learnt some valuable lessons – I need to arrange childcare for the kids in advance, I need to plan my meals, and I need to go shopping.  I need to JFDI, set my alarm in the morning and I need to deal with my poor sleeping habits at the moment!

So what is the damage done? 

57.15kg  - 28.7% fat!

It’s not pretty but it should be fairly easy to lose: easy come, easy go!  Oh Yeah, I am confident today! 

Seriously though, I am thinking that the first couple of kilos should drop off fairly easily as I know I am bloated with water weight.  I had better go do some measurements for today though!

Bust (naked): 86cm

True Waist: 77cm

Waist (the fat bit): 87cm

Hip: (the fattest bit): 95cm

Thigh: L – R 52cm –50cm

The only measurement I am worried about is the fat bit of my waist – measured at the belly button.  This is the really bad part of my body – it is out of shape, makes me look pregnant, and represents visceral fat (the worst kind)!

So lets bring in the New Year with positivity!  I will achieve a loss on the scales this week, I am eating normally (healthy normal) and exercising regularly.  The weight is coming off already!

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