Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creamy Tuna Pasta for Lunch?

Do you think “Creamy” and weight-loss don’t mix?  Think again my friend!  This yummy recipe is a great mix of carbs of protein, in a delicious creamy sauce which can be easily adapted for any taste!

  • 1/2 cup of uncooked wholemeal spiral pasta (35g) 120cals
  • 1 95g tin of tuna light (John West) (drained) 55cals
  • 2 tablespoons (50g) of Easi-yo natural unsweetened yogurt 35cals
  • spices eg. dijon mustard, chilli flakes or lemon and dill

Cook your pasta (add in double the volume of water and microwave for 8mins), drain, and simply stir in the tuna and yogurt. 

205 cals

18.2g protein; 24.4g carbohydrates; 3g Fat (40:54:6)

You can easily make this even more nutritious by added some frozen veg into the pasta as it is cooking (100g of a peas, corn and carrot mix is an extra 80cals for example). It is also very low fat so if you like you can add in some higher fat options to add flavour in place of some of the pasta!

Another option is to use salmon in place of tuna or to use either in one of the many flavoured single serve portions now available!

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