Monday, May 7, 2012

Motivation takes on Excuses!

1.   A lack of workout clothes. The cold weather means my shorter workout pants are out, but I only have one longer pair that fit.  Why?  Because the XS pants I bought when I had lost some of this fat no longer fit me.

Answer: My goal this week is to plan out my workout clothes for the week so that excuse doesn’t wash (pardon the pun!).  I’ve pulled out my old $10 Big W pants and they will be spares for when the others are in the wash.  Washing Day will be Sunday, Wednesday and Friday night where my workout pants will be tossed in with the kids school clothes for the afternoon wash and with my work blacks on Sunday.

2.   It’s getting dark!  My normal run time is 6-7pm in the summer time. It means I can have a light dinner before I head out but now, it is dark by 5.30pm. 

Answer: Time to change that run time back to 4-4:30pm and be back in time for dinner.  It will mean making sure I have afternoon tea when I get home from picking up the kids at 3pm.  On Friday night however, I will have to eat a bit later given it starts at 5.45pm so I want to have a good feed at around 4:30pm to sustain me.  A late dinner won’t matter as much as I will probably stay up a bit later on the Friday night given Saturday is my rest day.

3.   But I’m tired. Yes, I am still having sleep issues. Well, it isn’t really a sleep issue.. more of a “but I wanna stay up late because I’m controlled by my inner child” type issue.

Answer:  Time to suck it up Princess!  Bedtime is 9:30pm, wake up at 6:30am.  I might even try using my sleep app for the week and see how that goes!

4. Water!  We need it and I don’t get enough!

Answer:  I will be washing out my water bottles and pick up a new box of water this week.  I know it is bad for the environment but I do get quite a few uses of the bottles.  I just haven’t found a re-usable water bottle I like.  I don’t want an aluminium one, or a plastic one, I need a small one I can take running with me, and a big thermos style one for everyday (so it doesn’t get condensation on it and wet everything).  So that is my other mission.. to get a thermos for my cold water!

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