Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OMG! It arrived!


My prize pack from the earlier Weekly Surprise – Nominate a Blogger, arrived today.  I loved this surprise - as you can obviously tell, I love to blog!  I recommended all my fellow Rocky bloggers and a couple of other favourites (listed to the right!) as well popping in a quick plug for myself! 

I’m not really one for entering these surprises as by now, I have won my fair share of prizes!  I’ve won a Polar HRM (which I gave to my sister), a George Foreman Grill – used daily) and a George Foreman Slow Cooker (which unfortunately had a fatal accident involving a hard floor and children).  But I had to enter this one.. not only a Blog based surprise but also a new prize up for grabs!

So what was the prize?  A Dermaviduals  and a Tea Tonic pack.

I hadn’t heard of either of these brands, but hey, skincare and tea.. sounds fantastic, so off I went to do some research!


This is German company (the products are made in Germany) based on skincare products which work naturally with the skin to improve it’s own ability to retain moisture and prevent aging symptoms.  It has no nasty stuff in it, and while there are a some chemical compounds that you won’t be able to pronounce it is nothing like the list you see on the average skincare product!  Check out their website for yourself to read about the science behind the products!

I received the Total Cleansing Cream – a body wash and shampoo,  DMS-Base Cream High Classic – a moisturiser, and Face Tonic – a refreshing spray.  They came packed in a blue toiletries bag which is a great size too!

So far I have been blitzing my skin with the face tonic and I have to say.. it is so nice!  I can’t wait to try the other products!

Tea Tonic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I love tea.  There is no secret there, but I struggle with herbal teas – they usually are bitter and more of a chore then a treat.  But OMG!  I’ve just sat down and enjoyed a cup of Liquorice Lovers Tea.  The first thing I noticed about the tea is that it looked more like potpourri then the dried up black flecks one normally associates with tea.  You can actually see what is in the tea!

This stuff is amazing.. hand picked, organic, Australian, and just plain good for you!

I sat down to blog with my tea brewing beside me, and decided to be brave and not add that teaspoon of honey that I normally would.  I let the tea sit in the cup for minute to cool and contemplated the gorgeous smell, hoping it would taste just the same!  And it did!  It wasn’t an overpowering taste, or a bitter one.. just a refreshing ‘flavour’ to the water.

Looking over the pack I received a teapot (one person sized) with thirteen ‘travel tins’ and a sample size of the Licorice Lover Tea.  I have a feeling I will be buying some more of this product, with the Spring Carnival Tea Cup and Saucer Gift Set high on the list of potential wedding gifts (hint! hint!).

I am very keen now to try the black tea and chocolate flavour!  This one is a milk tea and if yummy enough, may replace my morning cuppa!


Overall, I am totally stoked with my prize so a huge Thank You! to the 12wbt team!


  1. Congratulations on being a winner Jen. That stuff looks AMAZING :)

  2. as a fellow prize recipient, all i can say is - I KNOW!!!! I am a herbal tea convert now! I love it. How wonderful to receive something like that.


  3. Just want to update that I tried the chocolate black tea and OMG! That one will be a regular morning tea treat I think! Even without sweetener it is great!