Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 7 (Sunday) Let's Try That Again....

Okay, no excuses or reasons.  I just didn't do it. 

Today is a new day so here goes:


2 x cuppa tea
1 egg on toast (no butter)

Morning Tea..

Mango (soo yummy)
Water (in my lovely water bottle from Cheeki)


Afternoon Tea..




Rest day today - preparing for my speech tomorrow so I might go for a run later!

I've essentially got 4wks left until the final weigh-in and picture.  I'm essentially right back where I started.  My goal is to stick to plan for the next 4 weeks.

I will:
- stick to 1200 calories per day and have a decent go at meal planning!
- stick to the exercise plan for weeks one to four
- plan a head for bad days.

1st red flag day being Monday night when I intend to consume alcohol - not a huge drinker so it wont be too bad but I will have to make up for it with exercise!  After that... I have no intention of leaving the plan until my birthday on the final day!

I will come back to my blog as well!

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