Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 8 (Sunday) And again!

Just keep swimming baby!

Today was mediocre..

I have a throat infection so not a great start, and I had a late night/ sleep in.

Breakfast was egg on toast, for lunch I had a vego soup from the freezer.  Then I did the baking for the week - fruit muffins and gingerbread cookies!  I had some major nibblies though - that dough was soo yummy!  lol I didn't do too badly though and only had a little bit!  I did have a fruit muffin when they were cooked as well!
I've had a couple of cuppa teas, and a hot chocolate.  And now will be doing a beef stir-fry for dinner!

And I will go to bed a bit earlier tonight!

Beef stirfry = yummy
Glass of muscato rosa.. yummmy!  But probably not the best choice! lol

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