Saturday, January 15, 2011

15th Jan Saturday

60.4kg  ARgh.. I know why the scales are not moving!  I am eating crap!

7am wake up time which is great
had a cuppa tea

8am Swimming
650m - I was pretty happy with that given I spent time helping with the kids as well.  My aim is now 1000m in the hour I am there.

9.30am Oat Flakes Cereal w/milk for breakfast and a cuppa tea
Taking some time to blog and do the list for the Challenge on EB.

11.30am  Magnum icecream - evil stuff
Still sitting around on the computer.. I should do something!

1.30pm  Went shopping for a Mills and Boon and grabbed six chicken nuggets from Maccas

5.30pm Went for a run.. 5.6km, not including the cool-down walk home.

6.30pm Sausage in a piece of bread, grabbed a little bit of cake (only a bite though)

7.30pm Magnum icecream (again!) and coke zero

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