Friday, January 14, 2011

Planning my Exercise


Yes, I am creeping up again and mostly due to food - yesterday involved cookie and cake making in which I consumed far more then was required for taste testing!  Far far far more!

I need to set out my exercise schedule as a do or die activity list so here goes:

AM: Day 1 Bootcamp
PM: Running

AM: Day 2 Bootcamp
PM: Walking

AM : Day 3 Bootcamp
PM: Running

AM: Day 4 Bootcamp
PM: Walking

AM: Day 5 Bootcamp
PM: Yoga and Running

AM: Day 6 Bootcamp and Swimming
PM: Long Run

AM: Day 7 Bootcamp

That looks like a pretty good weekly schedule for losing weight.  I'm not sure how the morning bootcamps will go but hey, it's worth a try!

Tonight I will do my run followed by a Yoga session and then tomorrow morning I have my swim lesson first thing and I will do my run in the afternoon - I will do the week 6 run for the first time... once I finish the ease into 10k program I will re-do my running schedule to a training one (depending on the 12wbt).

So far today..

One peice of wholemeal toast with butter
2x cuppa tea
one small peice of chocolate cake

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