Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day?

So where is the fool?

I am still waiting for someone to pinch me!
This morning I woke after a lovely sleep - that in itself is a miracle.  Knowing I have a job interview today, and knowing my history of panic/anxiety disorder, I would have expected a restless night with little sleep and lots of nightmares.  But something has changed.  Maybe it's the exercise and my new found confidence!

First stop was the scales (well, after a pee! lol) and my second surprise for the day - 55.9kg.  The first I have seen a 55 on there for a long time! 
I then went on to impress myself by cooking patty cakes for the kids lunches, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I emptied the dishwasher and put on a load of laundry too.
I dropped the boys off at school and they walked to their classes on their own so I could get home and get ready for my interview - which I did.  No nerves, no panic attacks, just excited anticipation!
And then.. the school calls to see if I could work today!  I felt bad turning them down but so happy to do so for a job interview - the lady was lovely about it too and wished me luck!
The job interview itself went well... company wanting to expand up here.. wanted to know if I would be wanting full-time at some point.  All very impressed with me!  Fingers crossed I hear from them this afternoon!
So afterward I popped into the gym, did the lower body workout from the first week of L&S program - 164cals burnt which is great.  I'm thinking about lunch now but have bare cupboards and not much dosh so I pulled out a frozen lentil burger - add some lettuce, tomato and cucumber, piece of bread (I might walk on the wild side and have it in a wrap actually) - all should be good!

So now I wait till monday at the latest to find out if I got a house, a job, and even some money! lol

Life is grand!

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