Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to get back into it?? The mini-Pre-season!

Okay, so sunday's 'I will set the alarm every morning and run 3ks' plan didn't work out.  and yesterday's weigh-in showed a massive 900g gain.. 57.1kg.  Not good at this stage of the game.
I've woken with a massive head-ache from a little too much beer last night but holidays have begun and I am at home with the three kids.

Now we all know that getting back into it can be hard so I have decided that I am not 'getting back into it'.  Instead, I am going to go through the pre-season tasks again - I lost 3kg in pre-season so obviously that is the mindset that works for me!

So hear is my 'mini-pre-season'.

1. Introduce Myself..
Hi!  I'm Jenifer. 
I am a slightly insane mother of 3 boys aged 12, 7, and 6 (all school age).  Each of my children requires a little extra care due to Asperger's, Mild verbal dyspraxia, and severe verbal dyspraxia respectively. I have a wonderful husband who works part-time as a postal delivery officer and I am a part-time PhD student (immunology). 
Physically, I am only short at 155cm and 57.1kg puts me in the healthy weight range, however my apple shape means my waist measurement is a massive 88cm and puts me at a high risk for heart disease.  I am a 'born thin' person - I was thin until I hit my late twenties and the sahm syndrome kicked in!  I almost hit 70kg - I weighed in on the old type scales and it sat just under the 70kg mark.  I was devastated.  So much of my identity is wrapped up in being thin.  I remember thinking 'if I ever get over 50kg, I will be upset as that will mean I am fat'.  And so, 50kg is now my goal weight!

2. Get Real
My excuses?  The same as most.  I am too tired, too busy, too everything.  One thing I am struggling with is dividing my time between uni, the kids, housework, and exercise.  My exercise time is also dinner time and also 'work late' time!  So I have been working late, getting home and being given the guilts for not helping with dinner and missing out on kid time.  So this is what I need to find a solution for - how to juggle that time and I think the answer may be morning exercise, but that is just so 'ugh!'.  lol I do think I need to make time for study later in the day as well so that the 'after school' time can be spent doing a bit of housework and dinner prep, getting in my exercise, having some family time and then getting back into my study afterward.

3. Set my goals.
Okay, so I want to compete in a 10k run on 12th June.  There is also a race in May, but it isa bit too soon and a bit early in the morning given it is half an hour drive away!
Weight wise, I would like to get to 50kg, obviously not going to happen in the next four weeks, but I would like to start next round with less then 5kg to go.. so I want to lose at least 2.5kg before the next round starts!  Totally achieveable!

4. Gear up.
today I will get all my gear together so it is easy to access and find.  I have a gym membership but I am struggling with the exercise program as not all the machines are available to me, and some of the exercises I struggle with.  I like the first four weeks of the lean and strong program so maybe will condense those into a two day strength program.

5. Say it out Loud.
I commit to making changes.  I will exercise.  I will make good food choices!

6. Kitchen Makeover.
On my way to do that now.  I'm doing a quick 2 day meal plan and heading out to the shops now!
Meal Plan
Day One
Breakfast: nutrigrain, 2cups of tea
Morning Tea: forme satisfy berry yogurt
Lunch: roast beef wrap with spinach, cucumber, mustard, and cottage cheese
Afternoon Tea: trail bar
Dinner: lentil bolognaise with a tiny bit of pasta
Dessert: Skinny cow icecream
Midnight snack allowence: baked beans

Breakfast: Oats plus one cuppa tea
Morning Tea: Trail Bar and grapes
Lunch: roast beef wrap as above
Afternoon tea: Baked Beans
Dinner: lentil bolognaise with mashed sweet potato (so cottage pie) with mexican spice added.
Dessert: Apple tart with hot chocolate

I will do another shop on Friday - my head hurt too much today!
Oh, and I need to get more water into me today for sure!

7. Organise and Diarise

Time: 5 - 6pm.
Friday: 20min Jog
Sunday: 40min Jog
Monday: 45min at the gym
Tuesday: 40min Jog
Wednesday: 45min at the gym
Thursday: Intervals 6x 300m/30sec rest
Friday: 20min Jog
Saturday: REST DAY
Sunday: Body Step and Body Balance; 50min Jog
increasing intervals and jog times...

8. Measure Up...

and I will get out the tape measure after a rest!

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