Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting back on track is hard.


Last night was great.  I chose, I did:  A 20minute run = about 3km = 200cals burnt.

I have to say that I am hurting a little today though! Just in the tops of my legs and my buttocks!

Choices today have been okay.  I had a two egg omlette for breakfast, was going to be 1egg, 2 egg whites, but one egg had a hole in it so I ditched that one! It made me feel a little yuk afterward – might have been the cheese I added?

I’m on my third cuppa tea for the day, and Dave bought a 70c Easter egg  which I have already eaten half off and am currently in a mental battle to not finish off straight away.  I know it will make me sick but my brain is saying ‘eat it now and it is gone’.  I literally feel like I am being physically pushed to eat it, there is that pull in my chest saying ‘eat it eat it’ – like a craving a guess – actually, yeah – it is like when I used to want a smoke!

Okay, so I gave in.  It’s gone now and I feel sick.  No more chocolate.  I have just asked Dave to not buy any chocolate for me ever again!


Okay.. here it is.

I hereby commit to 2 weeks without buying or consuming any chocolate or lollies, biscuits or muffins.

I am allowed, if it fits my calorie allowance: a skinny cow or weightwatchers ice-cream, lite jelly, crackers or Cruskits, or a dessert from the Mish program which is not chocolate based, and the 54cal hot Chocolatte satchels.


On my way to 50k….

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