Friday, April 15, 2011

What I want to achieve.


Going into a ‘new’ house, particularly one without a dishwasher, brings up the idea of being able to get organised and stay organised.  I bought a few things today… a dish-drainer, tea-towels, cutting boards, 2 new dinner sets (eight settings), some new cups, and stuff for the sink like sponges and dishwashing liquid.  I will pop them into the new house tonight, as soon as we sign the lease and do some planning about where things will go.  There is a lot less room at the new house so it will require some de-cluttering to get everything in there and keep it neat!

The kitchen and dining room is my main concern, I do not know if the dining table will fit in the tiny dining area.  There is a formal dining room with carpet but I am hoping to use that as a playroom for the kids and my mini-office.  I also need to check how big the laundry room is and if I can fit in the freezer, dishwasher (can I even set it up in there?) and my sewing stuff in there.  Then we need to work out how to get the ping pong table and motorbike over there and where to put them… I might ask Dave if we can sell the motorbike to the junkyard or something.

On Saturday, we will move over the television and accessories, couch, then the beds.  I will organise moving the clothes, toys, books and kitchen stuff.  Then it is on to the white goods!  That is as far as I can think ahead – Dave will interfere with my plans and I will get cranky if I plan too much!

It is so exciting!

Here is to a great move and a fantastic next few months! 

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