Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reality Check!

So we are in week 8 of the challenge now and the last 4-5weeks, I have pretty much stayed the same weight.  Slowly the food went, then the exercise went as I have become first money poor, and then time poor.  I am hoping the next two weeks will see me settled into a new house, having a routine and goals set for university, and having got the loan that will allow me to recover financially from the last six months of hell.  I am pinning all my hopes on that loan – without it, the next year will be a struggle for both me, and my mum who has loaned me some money that I need to pay back so she can pay her bills.

Well, packed that news up in a nice bundle of excuses didn’t I?  So today I sat down and planned some recipes.  Tonight I am having some slow-cooker stew.  No idea on calories but quite sure it will be low provided I skip the pasta in my serve.  Lunch is a chicken burger – I’ll have half a bun to lower the calories although they are store made ‘burgers’ with crumb coating so probably laden in fat and chemicals.  Confession:  I bought a $2 pack of dark chocolate mint TimTams, of which I have had three with my cuppa.

I am tired and sore – hay-fever is driving me nuts and the medication is making me just has drowsy and thick headed as the hay-fever itself.  I need to get it together for this week.  I need to drop a couple more kilos before finale. 


Current Weight: 56.2 kg

April 13th goal: 55.9kg

April 20th Goal: 55.2kg

April 27th Goal: 54.5kg

May 4th Goal: 53.8kg

May 11th Goal: 53.0kg

That looks achievable – even with Easter on the cards!


I will set out my running gear for the morning and my alarm for 6am for the whole week.  No matter what I will run my 3ks each morning.

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