Thursday, November 8, 2012

Round 4, 2012: The journey continues.



I’m signing up for Round 4!  The finale in Brisbane has clinched the deal, along with recipes for cake and cocktails!  The Wedding is over, and I am officially back at my borderline weight of 58kg, that’s right, I gained weight in the lead up to the wedding when I was so determined to lose it!

A bit of an introduction for those new to this round. 

I started my weight loss journey many years ago when I jumped on the scales and I realised I had hit ‘obese’.  I joined a gym and started counting calories and slowly lost the weight.. I didn’t manage to get into my healthy weight zone though.  Not until I discovered Michelle Bridges 12wbt.  The first two rounds in Sept 2010 and Feb 2011 were learning rounds but the winter of 2011 I hit my stride and dropped another 4kg to hit my goal weight of 52kg and got a mention at the finale in the top 12 of the Lean and Strong entrants.  Another two rounds after that I just hovered between 58kg and 55kg, hitting the self-sabotage button as soon as I started to get near goal.

I decided not to do round 3 this year as I figured I was just throwing my money away, but instead of achieving my goals on my own, the isolation and lack of accountability has seen me gain weight and even start smoking.

It is time to wake up and remember the JFDI lesson. 

I am quitting smoking today, and getting back to my life.  I love being healthy and fit, organised and most of all, proud of myself.

I know I can do it.  With the support of the 12wbt I can do it.

I will do it, I am doing it!



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