Sunday, November 18, 2012

Taking a moment to reflect on why.

I really want to do well this round and, in the past, this has meant trying to ‘win’ an award.. after all, it is the ultimate reward to receive external accolades for your progress.   But this time is different.  I don’t ‘want’ to win, and I don’t to measure my success by how others judge my transformation.  I want to achieve success by own standard, to be proud of myself.. and to have that be enough.

I don’t know if I will put in for consideration for the finale awards this round. It depends on how my mindset is going in regards to requiring external validation.  If I feel I can be happy with my results without receiving that award.. genuinely.. then I will submit for it.  I need to be sure in my mind that I know that the award is not a measure of my success but just a bonus given to just a few out of many who deserve it!

This is really hit home after seeing so many amazing photos of the changes people have made in a short 3mths – I really don’t know how the 12wbt team could possibly choose between them (I certainly don’t envy them the task!).

A huge congratulations to all the L&S winners past and present, and to the many more who achieved fantastic results on the program but didn’t get to stand up on stage!  You all deserve medals!

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  1. The desire to be a top 3 did my head in in Round 1 of this year and led to bingeing from week 8 on. I have finally got my head in the right place again and have realised that, while it would be nice to get a trophy for all the hard work, internal validation is the way to go. Crossfit has helped me with that ... you couldn't get the smile off my face when I smashed my 'Grace' time.

    You are going to rock this round Jeni!