Friday, November 16, 2012

Round 4 Starting Point

12wbt Round 4 Start

Argh!  So… not a pretty picture but I know that this is a true reflection of my current diet and lifestyle.  I’m not happy with where I am but I do know that losing 8kg in 12 weeks is very achievable and my after photos will be fabulous!  In 12 weeks I will be submitting my final photos.. I will be 51kg, and will be at a point where muscle definition is beginning to show.  I’m not sure about my abs, I have a lot of work to do to get to that point but I think it will be where I see the most improvement given it is the area with the most scope for change!


  • to lose 8kg or more
  • to quit smoking
  • to begin walking each morning as way to greet the day
  • to get my running fitness back to occasional 5-10km runs
  • reduce my waist measurement significantly
  • and to lift heavy shit!

I will define ‘lift heavy shit’ more once I have got back to the gym, I need to work out where my weights are right now and then work out where I can get to.  

I am looking forward to this journey and already enjoying a change in diet. Watch this space people!

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