Monday, August 22, 2011

The Finale Weekend–The Confessional

I had an awesome time, but was it a little too awesome???

finale 010

First stop was Myer!  I had a chicken, bacon, and avocado roll from Sumo Salad followed by $150 worth of clothes (hey, it was cold and I HAD to buy a jacket and the Guess shirt was right near the checkout – it wanted me!).

finale party 028

Night one.. Hokkien Noodles, Nat had the salad and bread roll and I had the chocolate!

finale 013

Later the same night… at the Pig’n’Whistle with Nat and other ambassadors (and the lovely and amazing Aimee who took the picture for me!).  I had the risotto balls with aioli – it was an entree so only a small serve… I swear!   I went straight to bed when we got home (well, right after a hot chocolate!)

finale 020

Breakfast!  OMG!  I only ate half of that… it was waaaaaaay yummy – even the strawberry was warmed to perfection!  I did not use the syrup, but I did add a little berry compote!

It was off to the workout then… almost 450 calories burned off however I am pretty sure I got busted in the line up for photos while eating a Special K chocolaty bar!  Oooops!

We got back to the hotel and decided on having a larger late lunch as we knew there wouldn’t be much to eat at the party…

finale 021

I am pretty sure that it was at least two serves of protein in that meal!  I was able to make it through the night with only a couple of the little canapes served throughout the night!  However, just in case it makes it to the public arena, the photographer at the party caught me eating and took a photo!  I honestly didn’t eat that much!

Now, the next morning I had oats with honey, not quite worth a photo, and then a subway roll before departing on the plane… I arrived home to a delicious minted roast lamb with roasted vegetables and gravy, and finished off my bottle of Moscato to end the night!

The indulgences are over but it was lovely to indulge in good healthy foods, to know when I had eaten enough, and to have the foresight to plan my food throughout the weekend so I wasn’t tempted to binge on the adequately stocked mini-bar!

finale party 031


Yes, that is Tim Tam fingers and a block of Lindt chocolate!

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