Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Finale Weekend–Day One

finale party 002I awoke Friday morning with excited anticipation.  It was finally the day!  My nerves started racing as I got ready, running around looking for my heart rate monitor, arranging to pick up a Census form (and get asked on a date!), and generally flaffing about!  But then I made a big decision – I took a valium!  I have never before taken medication for my anxiety in the entire 15yrs I have had it except for six short months on some poxy anti-depressant which did nothing!  But I wish I had have found this sooner!  Within about 10mins, I was excited and happy – just as I should be!  Incredible.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders – a burden I have been carrying around with me for 15yrs.  I feel free!

finale party 013Okay, so I obviously got through the flight unscathed… It was awesome!  You can see forever out of the plane window – the horizon kind of blurs off into this haziness because you can literally see off the edge of the Earth!  Amazing!

We landed and headed off to find the taxi rank with our luggage.. and $50 later we are at the Hilton with the doors being opened for us!  We were able to get into our room early which was fantastic and we unpacked and headed down to Queen St and the Myer Centre for a look see!  I left my jacket at home so I headed upstairs and found a nice warm hoodie from Country Road and, of course, just had to grab a Guess shirt from right next to the checkout counter!  We won’t mention prices!

finale party 016

finale party 024


finale party 025After that we strolled the 3km down to the nail place and the nearly died in the process – who would have thought 3km was so damn far to walk!  They were lovely when we got there.. Nat went first and then I jumped up and got my new nails ‘fixed up’ – shaped properly and the gel buffed down a bit – and then it was onto the toes and eyebrows!  Apparently I have lovely shaped eyebrows and got away with a tweezer and tinting!  I convinced Nat to grab a taxi to the hotel.. the poor thing was feeling sick but putting on a brave face!

finale party 037

The time had been flying away from us though and it was 5pm – time for room service!  I had a lovely stir-fry while Nat had a power nap and garden salad!  We headed downstairs afterward for the bag packing exercise which was a huge amount of fun!  I met some wonderful women and had an absolute ball, even though my poor hands are totally smashed!  Even more exciting though.. Nat made me accept an invite out for dinner afterward!  I raced back to the room and popped on my jeans though!  We went to the Pig’n’Whistle on queen street mall and had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know each other.  I had an awesome meal – only an entree - risotto balls with aoli! It was so yummy!

Headed back to the hotel after that.. ended the night with a nice chat with Nat over a hot chocolate and then snuggled up to my Cookie Monster in the huge soft fluffy pillow bed – sleep came quickly and easily!

finale party 041

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