Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 2 of 42.. 40 days ‘till my birthday!

Today has gone well.  I took my lasagne for lunch with some salad, cooked the satay chicken for dinner and went to Taekwon-do (and did it even!).

That means that todays goals are met.  It was an interesting start to the day as I lost my handbag this morning!  I had to go to the shopping centre and pick a few things up and then come back home to hunt for my bag.. which had the keys to my office in them!  My sister called and we chatted for a couple of hours, during which time I found my bag, so it was almost lunch when I got to uni.  Unfortunately, I had three cups of tea while on the phone, and a muffin too, but for being off schedule it could have been worse! 

I was really tired heading off to taekwon-do and was even a bit panicky at the start (I was fretting over the frozen coconut cream which had separated.. I was worried I would get food poisoning!).  But once I got into it I was fine.  I am learning the moves pretty easily, I just hope I don’t look like a dufus!  Looking forward to next week!


  • cereal and milk
  • 3 cups of tea
  • 2 muffins (Ange’s breaky muffins – 120cals)
  • Nat’s lasagne and salad
  • satay chicken and vegies
  • hot chocolate!

Exercise:   Taekwon-do class.

Plan for tomorrow. 

I will be using the leftover chicken to make a salad for lunch, and I might even try making the curry chicken cous cous in the magazine I read for dinner so I get that chicken used up before defrosting something else!  For my exercise, I will be doing a run in the evening after dinner (so I had better keep it early and light!).

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