Monday, October 3, 2011

Just decide!

me-swimMake the decision and just do it!  You know you can do it, you know you want it, so just do it!

And today, that is what happened!

I don’t know how I went on the calories, but my night-time battle is looking good! The gym was great as well.. everything is looking positive!  So here is a quick log of what I have done today:


    • weightwatchers oats
    • 2 cups of tea
    • bodywise bar
    • rice, vegies and bbq pork (small container)
    • milkyway and 1/2can of pepsi max
    • Tammar valley snack yogurt
    • lentil bolognaise with cous cous
    • cup of hot chocolate
    • tin baked beans


  • 5min on cross trainer
  • superset: 6kg dbs chest press/ 25kg lat pull down (3x12)
  • superset: 20kg bb chest press/ 20kg bb bent over row (3x6/3x12)
  • 30kg cable crossover (3x12)
  • 18kg adjusted weight assisted chins (3x6)
  • 30kg reverse mid-cable fly (3x12)
  • AMRAP push-ups (4 toes/ 8knees x3)
  • abs circuit 3x(10 sit-ups, 10 double crunches, 20 pulses)
  • stretch

For my mind, I also watched the week 4 video.  Mish mentioned the will-power muscle though I think there is a more in-depth video coming.  I love thinking of will-power as a muscle that needs training.  I started working out my will-power muscle today and it felt good.  Amazing actually.  I chose to cook something for me rather then go get takeout.  I can make that choice again – it wasn’t too hard. 

I am meeting Nat for boxing in the morning.. my arms will not be happy but I will be!

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