Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Mini Six Week Challenge

So I have done the numbers and it is 6 weeks today until my Birthday.  Six weeks until I go down for Nicky’s christening.  Six weeks until school holidays start!  So there is my target date.  I know it won’t take that long… it should only take 4 weeks max, but week 5 is the conference in Brisbane so I would rather keep that as a back-up week!

Goal:  Reduce body fat% and Get myself down to a ‘bikini ready’ 50kg or less.

How:  I will do taekwondo on Mondays with kids, Run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and do Strength training at the gym on Wednesday and Fridays, and a long run on saturday afternoons.  I will swap around as needed, and reserve the right to play around with what I do!  Main thing.. 6 days of training a week.

I will keep my food to unprocessed, natural food as much as possible.  I will cook one meal per week that I can freeze portions of.  I will bake my own ‘snacks’ and I will do fruit and vegie shopping twice a week.  I will plan my meals – dinners and using leftovers for lunch.  And I will allow myself to fill up on vegies, salads and fruits.

My first goal is for Day 12: when I leave for the gold coast I would like to have reached 52.0kg.

Next goal is for Day 31: when I fly down to Brisbane for the conference I would like to have reached 49kg and be in maintenance mode!

Final goal is for Day 42: for my birthday, I would like to have a nicely defined stomach to show off to everyone in a bikini!


So Day 1.. How is it going?


  • Cereal w/ light milk
  • Tammar valley yogurt (snack sized)
  • 3 muffins (Ang’s breaky muffins recipe)
  • Omelette (1egg, 2 egg whites, mushroom, 3 cherry toms, handful of spinach leaves and some cheese)
  • nat’s lasagne for dinner
  • salad

No exercise today as it is rest day!

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