Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 4: Friday

Well I just keep on keeping on this week!  Powering through my workouts and eating good healthy food!

I’ve woken today with the scales giving me a 53.5kg, another few 100g down.  I spent two hours at the gym in the morning – 325cals doing a bit of boxing with Nat and some weights (and a fair bit of time chatting and setting up with Nat!).  I also did the TaeKwon-do class with Jayden because Cam was a bit tired tonight.  That was hard work!  So exercise was pretty awesome!  Food wasn’t quite so great but my portions of crap were small and I was able to stop!


  • healthwise cereal with no fat milk
  • cup of tea x3
  • Figure protein shake
  • Jen’s lasagne
  • Skinny cow icecream
  • stirfry (no noodles)
  • handful of salt and vinegar chips
  • half a chocolate muffin
  • hot chocolate
  • vita-weat crackers (5)

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