Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am struggling

Okay, so struggling may not be the right word as that implies I am putting in effort to overcome an obstacle.  In reality, I am just not putting in any effort to the health side of my life right now!  The obstacle: changes in my workload at university.

Life changes.  And the last few weeks I have made some big changes in my commitment to my PhD.  I have had a lot of lab work, and I have a presentation coming up soon to prepare for.  I am trying to put in a good amount of hours and balance family commitments as well.

My schedule at the moment (for a weekday) looks like this:

7am:  Wake up, get dressed, do housework, get kids ready for school, breakfast, shower etc

8.30am: drop of kids at school and head to uni

9am: uni work

2.30pm: leave uni to pick up kids, housework etc

3.30pm: do uni home work (sometimes head back to office)

5pm: cook dinner

6pm housework/ crash in front of tv/ gym or taekwondo.


The problem is that Dave isn’t getting home till as late as 6pm some nights so I am really feeling the pressure of being ‘on’ all day.  I am not used to it!  But I am adjusting and feeling better about my workload.. I should be able to introduce a good 1hr workout each night but I need to work out what I want to do!  I am missing my gym sessions and my running.. not enough to peel my arse off the seat, but enough to think about it!

In winter I had been heading to the gym around 4ish, before dinner, but with Dave getting home so late I haven’t been able to.  Heading to the gym around 6-7pm just feels a bit odd I guess, I am tired and don’t ‘feel’ like it.  But I had better get my head out of my ass and just do it.  The kids have Taekwondo on Monday nights too, at 6pm, so I need to work out what I am doing there.  Dave was meant to go and watch them while I go to the gym but he wants to stay home – so that means I am sitting on my ass for 2hrs.  The other option is to get up there with them.. which I have done once, but it is costly to join up! 

But aside from the gym, my main problem has been food.  Take-out and lots of it.  I am tired and not prepared so am taking the easy option. Dinner and lunches seem to be an issue, and I have started to skip breakfast too!  Not good.  And we wont’ mention late  night snacks on sweets and alcohol as well!  Yup, all the wicked sins are in there!

So now I have laid it all out there, I guess the next step is to ask “Where to from here?”.

1. Meal plan.  It really is the only way to start.  I need to know what I am eating and when, and make sure I have what I need without the last minute run around.  I have lots of nice, quick and easy meals thanks to 12wbt so I need to access those and use them!

2. Drink plan.. water water water.. no more coke zero!

Okay.. off I go on my plan.  I will try and update this blog at least once a week with a progress report!

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