Wednesday, December 29, 2010

iPhone apps

iPhones are pretty popular these days and I must admit to loving mine!  I use it everyday for lots of things, including my fitness!  So I thought I would share which apps I am currently using and let you know what I think!  Feel free to post recommendations and reviews yourselfs in the comments section so I can find some more to try out!

1. Runkeeper
This is my most used application on my iPhone.  I use it everyday to track my runs/walks and absolutely love it.  I enter in my intervals for training which I get from online sites - like the c25k and bridge to 10k programs and hit the streets with my playlist selected! At the end of each run (or even during!) it tells me where I went on a map, how far I went, and my speed/rate for the whole thing, or during intervals.  And it publishes to facebook and twitter!  Now there are plenty of apps that will let you do that, but Runkeeper seems to have the greatest potential to use more functionality if I get more into my running, I barely even look at the website but there is so much on there which I haven't even thought of using yet!  I am just waiting now to be able to integrate my polar heart rate monitor with runkeeper.  One of the other apps has just added this feature (but not with the polar hrm) so I expect it will be some time in the next 12mths!
What I love though, is when I get an email saying that I have run more kilometers this week then ever before or something like that!  Totally cool!

2. TargetWeight.
Now I am looking at something to log my wieght and I found this which is fantastic - only wish it had measurements as well!  I might go look now and see what I can find!  I do like this one though as it keeps it nice and simple!  I just enter my weight each day and it graphs it, and positions me on a BMI chart (today I just went from orange (overweight) into green (healthy)!

3. Body Body.
I have just downloaded this and it looks fun!  It is a tracker (will replace the above one if it is good) that allows you to choose what you track.. I've started with weight and waistline! The bmi seems to be out.. 24.97 is showing as overweight though I am sure the cut-off is 25.  The language is a bit out as well e.g. says 'remained' instead of remaining but the writer is Japanese I believe so English would be second language.  The layout is sooo adorable though! It is also password protected and allows up to 7 people - so you can record height and weight for your kids as they grow as well! I'm thinking this is a keeper!

I have a few more apps which I don't really use much so I won't bother putting them in here until I start to use them more regularly!

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