Sunday, December 26, 2010

Setting Some Goals

Time to set some goals and make some plans!

Weight is pretty obvious - I want to lose about 10kg to get me down to 50kg.  It is within my ideal weight zone, and given my small frame, it is probably more my maximum healthy weight!  Now the hard part is working on the time frame for achieving this.  At half a kilo a week, it will take 20 weeks.  If I set my start day as Jan 1, 2011, then that will take me until the end of May.  Not bad timing really as the next 12wbt challenge ends on May 14th but we have holidays planned for the two weeks prior to that!   Hopefully I will make it a good camping holiday with lots of exercise!

So the plan:

27th Dec 60kg
3rd Jan 
10th Jan 59kg
17th Jan

Preseason Begins
24th Jan 58kg
31st Jan (Kids back to school; Dyllan's B'day)
7th Feb 57kg
14th Feb (Holidays; Party for Dyllan)

1/  21st Feb 56kg 
2/  28th Feb
     3rd Mar (Graduation)
3/  7th Mar 55kg
4/  14th Mar
5/  21st Mar 54kg
6/  28th Mar (PhD begins)
     3rd Apr  (Cam's B'day)
7/  4th Apr 53kg
8/  11th Apr
     16th Apr (School holidays begin)
9/  18th Apr 52kg
10/ 26th Apr (School starts back)
11/ 2nd May 51kg (Holidays)
     5th May (Vanessa's B'day)
12/ 9th May
     16th May 50kg (End Challenge)

So that is all the major stuff but I want to focus on the next month in particular.

In the next four weeks I shall:
Lose 2kg so that I will weigh-in at 58kg for the 21st Jan (Pre-season start)
I will acheive this by:
Beginning the ease into 10k program and get up to week four (weeks 1-3 will be my first week of running, then week 4,5, and 6 will be three runs each over three weeks);
Doing strength training twice a week;

Things to do now:
[done] enter the 10k program into runkeeper (first 6 weeks)
work out a strength training programing for myself
set alarms in my iPhone!

Weekly Schedule:

Mon: Running
Tues: Strength
Wed: Running
Thurs: Strength
Fri: Yoga
Sat: Swimming (am); Running (pm)
Sun:  Rest Day

Okay, so now I will head off and do what I need to do!

Food Today:
yogurt and muesli with blueberries and strawberries
egg and lettuce sandwich (wholegrain bread; no butter)
Beef and Mushroom stirfry and pasta (oyster sauce)
several cup of teas!
tin of baked beans before bed

Exercise Today:
Walked 5k with Clem

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