Monday, December 20, 2010

Morning Exercise!

So this is turning into more of a 'seven habits of healthy people'!

1. Breakfast
2. Morning Exercise!

I am so proud of myself.  I bought myself an alarm app last night and set it for 6.15am with a gentle reminder to 'Go running!'.  It even tells me the current weather at my location so I knew that it was raining but I woke up and used the 10min rule!  It took me a while to get ready (D wanted a coffee and his lappy in bed) which didn't work in my favour as it soon started pouring!  Umbrella in hand I decided to go for a walk for 10mins and see how it went.  The rain settled a bit so I set my runkeeper to my training program (5 intervals of 3/1mins), tucked my umbrella under my arm and did my 5km.

So what are the advantages of morning exercise...
1. gets it out of the way for the day!
2. in summer time it is a lot cooler!
3. you burn more fat as your sugar stores are low from 8hrs with no food!
4. kick starts the metabolism for the day (and your circadian rhythms!)
5. feels great!

It is great knowing that I have done my exercise for the day - no procrastinating!  And breakfast was yummy because I was so flippin hungry! lol  I think I will keep this up!  It is well worth the effort!  I can only hope I start going to bed a normal hour now!

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