Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday 30th December

60.1  +

Bedtime Last Night:  after midnight
Wake up: 8am

cuppa tea
muesli, yogurt, and kiwifruit

I had really bad indigestion after that - like curled up in bed agony indigestion!  Ow!

6 cherios with tomato sauce

Afternoon tea:
2 x cuppa tea
slice of Rocky road

Lemon chicken and pasta

5k run/walk doing week 3 of the 10k program (4x 5min runs 1min walk)

It felt soo great to get back to running. It has been eye-opening going back to doing the walks and first week of c25k with Clem - I was actually moaning when told to stop!  lol I remember moaning whenever I was told to run the first time I did it! lol  Poor Clem isnt' having a good time of it though - her face gets so red but hopefully this will give her the motivation to stop smoking!

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