Friday, December 24, 2010

Morning Exercise - Habits take work!

So far this isn't working!

Firstly, someone changed the time on my alarm waking me at midnight (well, four minutes too) with the shocking sounds of a saxophone booming out at top volume!  Not pleasant!  Of course my 6.30am alarms were deleted in the process.

The night before last, I crashed at 11pm after imbibing a lovely bottle of wine so exercise kinda went out the window!  Then last night I went to bed around 1am so waking up this morning at 7am was pretty impressive, exercise or not!  Maybe I was pushing for too much???

Breakfast is doing well though so I am pretty happy with that! 

Now, to solve my 'waking' issue I am taking on a new tact.. a star chart!  Well, kind of anyway!  In the Women's Health Magazine, there was a free calander care of John West Tuna Slices with a lovely 'well cut' man decorating each month!  This calander is my start chart for the year!  Each month I will chose a habit to focus on and change, something from a health perspective and something from a 'mum' perspective.

January will be spent reinforcing my morning exercise and getting the kids and myself to make our beds in the morning!

In case I don't get back in to blog today - Merry Christmas!

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