Saturday, July 7, 2012

On top of the world!

I finally feel normal again!  And tomorrow I shall be backing that up with some exercise! 

Being sick, I’ve had time to really stop and think.  Some days I missed the exercise, others – not so much!  But the thing that stood out was how quickly my nutrition went haywire.  It started with just a few ‘extras’ and ended up with KFC and Dominos featuring as major contributors!

It really brings home how important organisation is.  If I plan my food for the week it is easy… I just do what I have written down.  But if not, the doors – and my mouth - are wide open!  I don’t get out the right meat to defrost, things go ‘off’ in the fridge (though my version of ‘off’ may be much sooner then others!), and the excuses pile up on top of each other.

So this week I dedicate to organisation!  Each day I will post about how I am organising my life to make nutrition and exercise easy!

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