Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stars and Comets

stars and cometsIn the darkness, it is the stars that give us hope.  And just as I was feeling like a big bag of poop because I was sick and couldn’t exercise and actually gained weight… along come my shining star of hope.   

I did my measurements a little late this week but I eventually got round to them thinking the results will not be impressive.  I wish I had of done them sooner!  I lost 7cm from my waist, and gained biceps!  I lost some off my thighs as well as from my back/chest.  So happy! 

I can see why measurements are done every four weeks.  That four week hump is a toughie, motivation wanes, the kg can seem unimpressive in light of the massive amounts still to go, but centimetres give us hope.  They are not quite as fickle as those scales which can jump around 3kg depending on water retention, and how long since you last took a number two!

I feel re-energised by my results… ready to take on the next four weeks!

Now I need to get back into some exercise, slowly but surely, as I recover from bronchitis.  I am still coughing, fatigued, and suffering muscular aches, but the fog over my brain has lifted, the sinus’ are beginning to clear, and I am managing to get some decent hours of sleep in!

Comets however are another matter!  Comets are astronomical events that only come around once in a lifetime and can either breeze past with spectacular results, or threaten to crash into us and destroy the world.

And so I sit here trying to write my first paper – an event that I thought would breeze past with a tail of spectacular colours displaying my awesomeness.. but instead is threatening to shatter my world of academic confidence.  I am unmotivated, uninspired, and un.. well un-everything.

As I sit here pondering how I will manage to get this task completed I think about the lessons I have learned from 12wbt. JFDI.  I don’t need to be motivated, I just need to be consistent.  And just because I haven’t been consistent, doesn’t mean that I cannot start now.  Today.  Right this very minute!

I shall leave you all now, as I go to shoot out a counter missile to knock my comet off course for a direct hit, in hope that it will graze past my world with a display of colours and lights that will be visible to the entire universe!

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