Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organisation Week, Day 4: When it all falls apart.

The best thing about being organised:  When things fall apart, the basics are always there. 

There is food in the freezer, your program is printed out ready to go, your gym bag has a spare pair of socks or $2 for a hire towel from the gym.

And it is so much easier when things are normal then when you are constantly in a state of change.  When your organisation is a habit you don’t have to think about when to meal plan or when to shop, or where to put your gym shoes when you get home.  You automatically throw your iPhone on charge when you get home so you have a full charge for the gym or that run, you automatically throw your gym towel and clothes in the wash when you get in and know you have a clear space ready to put them away in.

Life becomes easy.

A healthy life becomes easy.

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