Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Organisation Week, Day 2: Be ready to workout!

Dyllan's dinner 007Organisation is really all about beating your excuses before they have a chance to take hold.  The most common excuses not to exercise are that we don’t have time, I don’t know what to do, my gym clothes are dirty, my phone isn’t charged, I can’t find my socks, etc.

How do we beat these? The 12wbt is all about planning and that is the first thing.. schedule in your workouts!  It can be hard at first, particularly when you find you have to swap and change workout times to figure out which time is best.  After over a year I can tell you now, afternoon exercise is my friend.  Although Mish recommends the mornings, it just doesn’t work for everyone and consistency is the most important thing!

The next thing – set your goals and plan your workout types around this, lean and strong or lean and fit, with your SSS.  You have your program so make sure you have it printed it and available!   If you can use the iPhone functionality that is great, but if you are like and have crap reception at the gym, print it out in A5 at the start of the week and glue it into a notebook.  This makes it easy to put in your weights and times each day and track your progress! You can also easily flick back through and see what weights you used last time you did a certain exercise.

And last but not least: Keep your gym clothes and gear organised and ready to go!  I have three gym pants and wash both the kids uniforms and my gym gear on Wednesday and Sundays.  I have my gym ‘uniform’ basic so I just grab pants, bra, top, and socks which I keep folded on one shelf in my cupboard.  I have a major Lorna Jane addiction at the moment so I am getting quite a collection!

I cycle my towels on Wednesday and Sundays as well, making sure my gym bag is always ready to go!  No excuses! 

I have a tub under my bed where I keep my gear together – tape measure, running belt, Halo headphones, yoga mat and blocks, weights, and more! 

It comes down to getting in the habit of finishing something by making sure it is ready to go next time.  When you finish a workout, make sure you leave everything ready to go for the next one!

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