Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What happened in Week 6..

Week 6 was my come back week after illness had me grounded in weeks 4 and 5.  Unfortunately I lost some of the ground I had gained over the first three weeks, resulting in a couple of extra kilos on the scales. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         My comeback started with an epic SSS beginning with the SSS with the Rocky group and followed up with a 13km run!  I had not run for 5 weeks (since the Rocky River Run) and then it was only 10km – and I had only run the 10ks once in prep for that!  Result:  3 days worth of DOMS so bad I couldn’t even make it down my back steps without total agony (and lots of handrail gripping).

So obviously Monday was a rest day (given I could barely walk) but Tuesday I headed to the gym.  There was no way I could do the L&S workout so I just walked on the Treadmill to loosen up and then did an upper body.  The next day was about the same but I worked in a little bit of lower body at low weights.  Thursday I hit the treadmill for 30mins and then did a decent abs workout and then ran through a full body workout on Friday.  Saturday I tortured myself with a Combat/Pump double which was awesome fun!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Sunday was SSS day and I joined the Rocky crew for Kama’s Stairmaster SSS – Torture I tell you!  It was raining and cold for start and we had to change venue to one a little less wet.. but we still struggled to find a dry patch to do the mini-circuits.  The stairs were great and although you would think they would be the hardest part, they, at least, got easier as the workout went on (reducing in the number of repetitions!).  The mini-circuits at the top though.. harder and harder!  Thankfully I forgot my weights so was able to concentrate on form and endurance.. *wink*.

I started food tracking on the weekend and counting up my calories consumed, it is not so hard to do on the weekend.  Turns out I am averaging around the 1500calorie mark.  I would like to get that a little lower.. 1300-1400 calories this week. 

It has been great just concentrating on being healthy rather then doing the lean and strong program specifically.  I do enjoy the freedom of going for a run, and cutting my workouts down to a clean 45mins!  I am itching to get back into it though I am thinking I might stick to lean and fit for a while so I can drop these KG!

Goal by week 12 weigh in.. 5kg lost!  (That’s 5 weeks away.. a kg a week!  Argh, better up that cardio! )

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