Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Organisation Week, Day 3: The KISS Principle.






The key to any change is simplicity.  If you make it hard, well, it becomes hard!  And how hard to we make things in our efforts to become perfect.. we must exercise an hour a day, at the gym, give 110% every second, do the very best exercise routine, just the right amount of cardio, just the right amount of weights, we need to have our HRM, we need to burn exactly 500cals, we have so many rules!  And if it’s not perfect.. then ‘DA..DUM’, it’s a big fat F for Failure!

The best thing we can do, is to keep our measurement of success, or rules for success, simple!  The 12wbt is a huge program and full of complexity but really, the basis is simple.  The complexity only lies in that the program needs to meet the needs of so many, so take what you need to simplify it!

Here is how I have the program simplified:

  1. Print recipes and exercise plan on Sunday and put in folder/booklet.
  2. Meal Plan and shop on Sunday
  3. Keep my gym bag with gear ready to go
  4. Get to the gym everyday.

That is it. 

That is all I have to do to succeed.  I don’t need to use all the recipes, I don’t need to follow Mish’s plan exactly, but I do need to meal plan from recipes that I know the calories for!  I don’t need to think about my exercise program.. I just need to print it out, work out where I am doing it, and then just do it.  I also don’t need to go crazy if I choose a class for a day, or skip a day from illness.. just jump back in where I am.

Over-thinking, over-analysing, over-organising is just as dangerous and under doing any of those things!  Work out the basics that you need to do.  Keep it simple and just do it!

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