Sunday, April 11, 2010

40 B4 40 – Go Bushwalking!

MT Archer, Rockhampton, Qld.
With the end of Easter holidays upon us, I decided that we needed to take advantage of the last two days and get out of the house!  A bushwalk seemed the way to go – something we haven’t done as a family before and Mt Archer is the closest to us!  We left at 9am in the morning, with much whinging and complaining by the kids about being dragged away from the shiny screens!
It turned out to be quite easy to turn Dyllan to our side by offering him video camera duty!

There were a couple of road stops along the way up the mountain which we took advantage of and grabbed some great photos but it was great to reach the top of the mountain!  It is a great set-up!  There is a small coffee shop and lots of BBQ’s and picnic tables.  There is a nice short walking circuit that was about 500m but OMG!  The view of Rockhampton was amazing!  We were able to zoom in to our neighbour shops on the video camera, and could see so far away! 
We got back from that walk and then had a look around at all the mobile phone and radio towers set up and noticed another walk – Fantastic!  Lots more whinging from the kids though!  Off we went and this time the walk was a bit longer and the path a little less well travelled!  The look-out was fantastic when we got there!  I am sure we could see the ocean!  The views were just amazing!  The photos no where near capture the clarity and the distance that you can actually see from the lookout – I could make out cars on the road, the river and even the bridges over them!
On the way back we took a different way back and I discovered another walking track – 12 kilometres!  Guess where I am going next!

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