Friday, April 9, 2010

Day Zero of the Bouncing Bunnies Easter Challenge

Starting Weight:  61.7kg

Breakfast (bed to 10am):
muesli with low-fat milk
2x cuppa tea
1x glass water with 1tsp bene-fibre

Morning Tea (10am - noon):
1pc of WW carrot cake
1 220g tin of baked beans
(note:  I now feel bloated and sickly!)
cuppa tea

Lunch (noon - 3pm):
1L bottle of water (drank about half so far)
shoulder ham (square!) and a handful of lettuce on white hi-fibre bread (not very nice I might add!)
another cuppa tea

Afternoon Tea (3pm - 5pm):
2 party sausage rolls with a tonne of sauce - eww I was eating the rest of the sauce by itself after I had eaten the sausage rolls!
1 cruskit with a square of shoulder ham and cheese melted in the nuker -another yuk moment!
whole medium carrot!

Dinner (5pm - 8pm):
smoked cod baked in milk with brown rice and steamed vegies (baby bok choy, broccoli, baby carrots, pumpkin, zuchini) - the brown rice was done under the the steamed vegies so should be extra nutritious! I did have probably a little too much white sauce with it!
2 x large glass of Pepsi Max!

Supper (8pm - bed):
Peters triple treat icecream

C25k week 6 day 3 (walk rest of 5k) - approximatly 200 cals burned
And yes, I ran for 25mins without stopping!

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