Friday, April 9, 2010

From Then to Now

So this is me in 1999 at 25yo.  Dyllan was a few months old and it was my first night out.  I loved this outfit.  It was probably one of the first really nice outfits I wore, even though it was a throw together of hand-me downs!
I was 43kg when I weighed in at the doctors at 6wks pregnant just a year before. I am probably just scrapping into the healthy weight zone here - around 45kg I would say.  I have to say that pregnancy at least gave me a little shape!


It is scary to think that at this stage I was so hugely affected by my anxiety disorder.  I managed to stay out for about 2hrs before heading home.  It was the last time I went to a social outing for about 3yrs, and then the next one was to a niece’s 1st birthday bbq!

Please excuse the dodgy photo editing (especially the side of the my face) but the kids had torn the photo on me!

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