Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Emperor's New Clothes

Every time I look at buying clothes, I always say to myself, "When you lose some more weight..".  And when I do buy clothes, there is that little niggly feeling inside that says, "If you had of lost weight you could be buying something better.". 

So today, at the start of this challenge, I have decided to break with tradition.  I have lost about 10kg from my heaviest weight, and quite frankly, I am not that bad looking!  Yeah, I look like a candy apple on a stick but hey, that shape is gonna be me no matter what size I am!  So I bought some new clothes and I am going to show off what I hottie I am (though I am having a bad hair day!)!

This is my outfit for my graduation coming up in a couple of weeks, and a dinner party next week.

A nice summer dress for day parties and going out for dinner.

A new work outfit, these were a little on the tight side!

And a nice casual shirt (I had the skinny jeans from last year!) for playtime!

I also picked up some sucky-in undies (which really work!), a nice push-up bra, and the white shoes and bracelet in the pics are new as well.
All up it was about $250 for the lot, not too bad but way over budget!  Worth it though - I feel great about how I look and keen to look after myself better knowing how great it feels to be proud of your body!

In case anyone is wondering.. my stats at this point are:

height: 155cm
weight: 60kg

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