Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wavering Already!

Yes, I am already floundering in regret over my goals!  Can I change them?  Have I taken on too much?  Am I being unrealistic?

When I set my goals yesterday, I was on a high!  I had woken up early and got out for a run for the first time EVER!  It felt so good and I was sure I could do so much more!  But then last night I was up late, tossing and turning... I have only 6 weeks to have a final copy of my thesis ready for editing and final touches before printing!  And I haven't even got most of my experiments done yet!  ARgh!

I was feeling better today until I wrote that...

I am going to sit down and approach it the same way I have done this challenge.  I'm going to write down my excuses for not completing it (which are surprisingly similar to what I have written for this challenge!) , write down my goals and break it down to weekly goals and tasks, buy what I need and then get started!

So off I go.. time to get this 'excuse' off the table!


  1. It's having a comeback for all those excuses isn't it. You know what else you can say to yourself? "I can run!". That's huge! Now.. get out there and do another morning run! :) :D This 12WBT pre-season thing is a good idea.. and I think you're on the right track using the Excuses sheet, and the Goal Setting to apply to other areas. I think I might just do the same!