Monday, August 30, 2010

Pre-season Task No.3: Goal Setting

Time to commit!

Yup, it's time to write it down in black and white, put it all out there for the world to see...  Time to write down my goals!  I knew it was coming, I thought I was prepared.. but arrggggh!  They have to be SMART goals!  And not just for this challenge, but for the next 12 months!

But I don't know what I want!

Okay, so I know I want to lose the weight, look hot - you know - the 6pack abs!  I love running but can I commit to running marathons?  I don't know.  As Mish says, I have to be realistic.  I am doing my honours this year, have 3 boys to care for, so much to do.  But how much of my time is running going to take? 

Be brave....

1mth goals (By the end of September)
Get in the right mind-set for achieving my goals
Get my Honours thesis up-to-date
Get housework under control
Get children into speech and ent
Book swimming lessons for Saturdays

To acheive that I will need to:
- complete pre-season tasks
- schedule in my uni work and set weekly goals to acheive.
- complete lit review and mat and methods section of my honours thesis
- get my lab book up to date as well
- get into a routine of clearing up properly after dinner and in the morning.
- get referrals to ENT and speechies and health plans, and book appts
- call uni sports centre and ask about joining up... do I have the money? 

3mth goals - (By the end of December)

I want to get to approximatly 50kg. 
I want to run 10k. 
I want to get my 5k time under 30mins.
I want to swim 325m - 15 laps of the 25m pool
Finish my Honours!
Work out what next year will bring

To acheive that I will need to:
- follow the plan to the letter!
- running three times a week following the 10k program I have for my long run days
- allocate several hours per day to writing my thesis.
- get a running program including interval training, and strenth training
- create my own 'couch to 750m' program and stick to it.
- speak to my supervisor about a job!

6mth goals
- swim 750m
- run in a 10k race
- learn to surf

12mth Goals
-will need to work on this!

I think that is about as good as I can manage at this stage.  I dont' know where I will be next year and am honestly just focusing on getting through the rest of this year!  My honours will be taking up a lot of my time and thought space - I need to make sure that the 12wbt and the kids and housework are not taking up my mental space too much, they need to be habit and not excuses!

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